Posted by: Maryann McCullough | September 1, 2014

Story for September 2014








August had been a trying month. Computer issues were a daily problem, generally involving access to the internet. This, of course, affected my ability to pay bills, email, ability to watch movies on Roku, and downloading books from the library or Amazon.  To say I have a dependency on my computer is not an exaggeration.

We were relatively new customers to Century Link and Direct TV after a decade long happy (and very expensive) affiliation with Cox.

The month involved many very lengthy phone calls for technical support, much plugging and unplugging of modems, changing access codes. I was beginning to feel like an employee of Century Link for the amount of time given over to the process. 

So you can imagine my relief when I shortly after my three hour  conversation with Century Link I received a call from Microsoft Windows itself telling me they were aware of the many issues with my computer needing attention or it would crash if  I didn’t follow their instructions immediately.

I then spoke to a series of appropriately foreign voices detailing the necessary fixes required.  Most convincing was they took me to a place on my computer which showed I had over 25000 “incidents.”  I was trying to help them but was unable to accomplish what they were trying to get me to do and told them to call back tomorrow when I would have someone at the house who could accomplish the required modifications to my  Windows system

You  have likely guessed where this is going. I wish I could say I  had. Though just to be sure they were legitimate I did do a reverse number look-up, followed by a call to my computer guy. And then I panicked. 

As you have likely concluded, the Microsoft Windows Technical Assistance  guys  were bad guys to whom I gave access to my computer.

So, if you were unaware if this scam I have warned you and that is a good thing. But there is more to the story.

I think each of us grow up with some kernel of knowledge about ourselves. We know we are funny or pretty or a good dancer or whatever and there is an absoluteness about that. My one handle had been that I was smart – wished for other more frivolous attributes at times, but felt I had a hold on this one with both hands.

It is now September and, with the help of many (include Century Link in a big way here) we think that all issues have been dealt with successfully. But what none of the technicians can fix is that I have had to let go of what I had thought of as my special thing.

And letting go of that has been the very hardest part.






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