Posted by: Maryann McCullough | April 3, 2013

Story for April 2013


It was a regular Tuesday evening when, without the warnings of thunder and lightning,  the power went out.

My plans to watch a video, play spider solitaire online and answer some emails were put on hold…so, I decided to read.

Silly me – that required  a lamp. So there we were, two people with one struggling flashlight. We launched into what couples all over the city were doing without the distractions provided by media.

We talked to each other.

At least we gave it a good shot.

The Diamondbacks were in the playoffs with a record of 0 and 2, so this game was do or die for them.  Bill had a battery radio so as we conversed, that unique sound that goes with radio baseball was in the background. A comment from the announcer “…top of the 7th…” got me thinking. And that’s when things went downhill.

“Which comes first?”

“What comes first?”

“The top or bottom – which comes first?

“They follow each other. The top is followed by a bottom and a bottom is followed by a top.”

“But which comes first? Which one precedes the middle of an inning?”

“There is no middle of an inning.”

“But if there is a top and a bottom there has to be a middle. It’s between the top and the bottom or maybe between the bottom and the top, whichever is first. But which is first?”

Bill sighed heavily, and went to look for batteries, leaving me alone to logically answer my own question. (I’m like a dog with a bone when given a logic challenge.)

I was leaning toward bottom first, followed by top. When you bake a cake, you put the cake on the bottom first and then you put the frosting on top. So it must be bottom followed by top.

Then I thought some more and realized that when you “get to the bottom of something” that means “it’s over,” so maybe when you get to the bottom of an inning, the inning is over and you had already had the top.

I recognize that it was a little late in life for someone who has grown up in the United States to ask my original question but I embroidered a lot as a child and then I was in the convent and later busy raising a family, and well, it never occurred to me before tonight.

There’s a good chance I might lose some sleep over this one (that dog with a bone thing) so if you can help me out, I’d be grateful.

Then I’ll be able to explain it to Bill. It’s weird. Having played baseball for all those years, you think he’d know a thing like that.










  1. M-My idea is we start at the top. And finish through to the bottom. It is really in the way we interpret our language. My deal is somewhat similar; I wonder if I feel my connection with someone has deepened, does it really mean that it’s a higher connection?? : ) So is it deeper or higher?
    jen from duet

  2. Thanks for the preview of married life, Mom. Sounds like fun!

  3. Now I’m chewing on the same bone! No answers.

  4. I got it, I got it…. Its when the players change places on the field just as they pass each other. Now that is a middlin’ answer…..ponder that.. Sister Sarah Kaminski’s SIL…. … hint, (sister in love) Deanna Kaminski

    So enjoy your ponderings…..

  5. Stay strong, mom. Some day we’ll teach you the Infield Fly Rule.

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