Posted by: Maryann McCullough | February 1, 2012

Story for February 2012





We haven’t even met. But I have been awaiting your arrival for a long time.

I am your grandmother. You haven’t decided what to call me, and your parents haven’t yet selected your real name. At the moment, you are Baby Mick. I actually have chosen a name for you, but we will see what happens there.  (As you will no doubt experience in your life, parents and their children do not always make the same choices.)

Though you are just three months of a person, not only have I been waiting for you but I have been writing for you for many years. I have been putting my stories to paper – an exercise born of having stories to share with you and an awareness (a fear?) that I might not be there to do that sharing.

There are stories about your father whom I’ve loved for some forty years, and some about your mother, though I’ve known and loved her for just a few.

Some stories are just a walk around inside my head.  

There are stories from generations past. A lot of fine genetic material has gone into your making and I wanted you to know the stories of those who passed those genes along to you. One of your great-grandfathers built Hoover dam. My grandmother let me cut up magazines and paste the pictures on her living room walls. (This is a story to appreciate but not imitate.)  Some of your great-great uncles cut the marble for the cathedrals of Chicago. Others prospected for gold in the west. There is a whole family history all ready to share with you.

And it’s not just their stories I want to share, but (like a fairy godmother), I am requesting a gift from each of those whose genes now shape you. From my mother, I would ask her strength and her faith; and from my father, his fine mind and gentle soul. Each of your other three grandparents will be making their own requests and bequests as well, so you will find yourself well blessed on the day you are welcomed into this world.

You have already given me gifts.

The announcement of your existence brought and continues to bring an unsolicited smile to my face each time you come into my head, and – no surprise here – I am smiling a lot.

And I am also grateful to you – the anticipation of you – that opened a door to the writing world. I enjoy being a sharer of stories and appreciate the wonderful world of wise women who have become my friends as we journey together, sharing the joys and challenges of being “the writer,” the custodian of the family stories.

I thank you for representing hope for tomorrow. That is what each new life expresses: hope that, though things are not as we wish in our present world, hope for a better one in which you will grow up and an even better one which you can someday help to create.

For now I wish you “God speed” and “safe passage.” I am so anxious to see your beautiful little face, to touch your soft cheek, and hold you close to my heart. Then, once we are pretty well acquainted, if you’d like, I will start with the stories.


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  1. Keep those stories coming, Maryann! We ALL want to hear them 🙂

  2. love this piece.
    love the intimate connections established between generations past those to come (or rather 3 months in the waiting).
    thank you for sharing!

  3. Lovely, just lovely. I can imagine what it will be like to await my first grandchild…a few years hence for me, but still, your sentiments about stories really strike a chord.

  4. Very nice Mom. Baby Mik is already excited to meet you. And to read the stories. Although as talented as he/she may be, that may take a few years.

    • How wonderfully beautiful! I can only imagine the loving welcome this child will have…Love your perspective and the warmth of your writing Maryann…Thanks for sharing…XO Kitti

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